Misc stuff

#include disclaimer.h

Most of these scripts are quick hacks I wrote to solve a particular problem. Therefore they come without documentation (Although some of them have a -h option that displays basic usage information) and tend not to be commented excessively. Also I didn't bother to test them on any other systems apart from the target system so they may or may not work for you. Use the source, Luke.

cd_rip.pl MD5 checksum GPG signature Rips CDs and creates MP3 files. Uses lame(1) and cdda2wav(1).
mpload.pl MD5 checksum GPG signature Sifts URLs for links to MP3 and Ogg Vorbis files (by default. You can specify any other extension you like.) and downloads them. Uses curl(1) and lynx(1)
skelfix.pl MD5 checksum GPG signature A Perl script that copies the contents of /etc/skel/ (Or any other directory you specify as argument to -s) to the homedirectory of every user belonging to the group specified as argument to -g. It might be useful for distributing files you forgot to put in /etc/skel when creating user accounts.
rsync.pl MD5 checksum GPG signature A Perl script that syncs the contents of a directory you specify to a another directory on hosts that are either read from a file or supplied on standard input. It needs rsync(1) and ssh(1) to work.
remotecommand.pl MD5 checksum GPG signature A Perl script that executes a command you specify on hosts it reads from a file or stdin using ssh(1). Old and crusty, won't even fork copies for parallel work. I don't need it myself right now, so I won't bother updating it. Please roll your own if you need something like it (Or pay me to do so).
glgen.pl MD5 checksum GPG signature Generate simple thumbnailed picture galleries. Uses ImageMagick.

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