My GPG key

1/11/2008: I lost my USB stick and thus revoked my old key (0x1FCB4CF3). Please use the new key below.

This is my GPG key. I use it for signing and encrypting E-Mail and to sign other people's keys. The key's fingerprint:

      pub  1024D/CBACC90B  created: 2008-03-21  expires: never       usage: SC  
                           trust: ultimate      validity: ultimate
			   sub  4096g/A39C0254  created: 2008-03-21  expired: 2009-03-21  usage: E   
			   sub  4096g/0CAD8B1C  created: 2009-05-03  expired: 2010-05-03  usage: E   
			   sub  4096g/22675AF7  created: 2010-07-09  expired: 2011-07-09  usage: E   
			   sub  4096g/731A3909  created: 2012-05-24  expired: 2013-05-24  usage: E   
			   [ultimate] (1). Johannes Grassler <>
			   [ultimate] (2)  Johannes Grassler <>
Some key servers don't support multiple subkeys. If the keyserver you use is one of those simply download the key from here and import it into your keyring (I just add new encryption subkeys as the old ones expire so you'll have to be able to cope with several subkeys).

My SILC keys

I used to post my SILCNet public key here. As there hasn't been that much demand (i.e. none at all) for it I stopped bothering the last time I created a new SILC key. If you want it feel free to email me about it, though, and I'll respond with a GPG signed copy of my current SILC public key.
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