usermatic is a collection of Perl scripts that automate the maintenance of the accounts in the passwd database. Basically they work by comparing a MD5 sum over two sets of data from every user (such as the name and the birthdate, for example) to a list of current students/employees/whatever. They create a list of accounts to be removed and a list of accounts to be created that is suitable for use with userneu.
A detailed description of how they work can be found in the README file. Those scripts have originally been written for use on Linux and FreeBSD but they should work on other unices with a Perl distribution as well. Probably the only script that needs to be adapted is the script that uses rmuser(8) (FreeBSD) or userdel(8) (Linux). These scripts are still experimental but they should work fine. Please report bugs to me if you find them.

Update 18. 12. 2003: usermatic-0.5.4 released which fixes a bug that causes not to work
Update 08. 02. 2004: usermatic-0.6.0 released. Code and documentation cleanups
Update 09. 07. 2004: usermatic-0.6.1 released. Some minor changes and cleanups. Update recommended if you use usermatic-frontend


usermatic-0.5.3 Changelog MD5 checksum GPG signature
usermatic-0.5.4 Changelog MD5 checksum GPG signature
usermatic-0.6.0 Changelog MD5 checksum GPG signature
usermatic-0.6.1 Changelog MD5 checksum GPG signature

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