Below you will find a brief listing of my skills/experience. A complete CV is available on request. This is mainly for reference, though, for I am currently happily employed.

System administration


I hacked up a fair amount of code over the years. Here's what's available publicly:

cloudnets-framework The CloudNets Network Virtualization Framework. I contributed a fair amount of code to this system and polished it up for public release. You may in particular be interested in the Transit Link Negotation Protol component I implemented in the course of my Bachelor's thesis. It basically keeps track of VLAN tags and VPLS configuration parameters and hands them out as required for virtual links based on these technologies.
Github My small concession to the 21st century. I have to admit, it is rather useful for submitting the odd patch.
My private code museum A rather dated collection of small scripts and utilities that hasn't been updated in years.