Warning: The code on this page is no longer actively maintained, so think twice about using any of it. That being said, you can still email me if you encounter bugs and I may even fix them. If you are looking for current code samples, refer to the cloudnets-framework project page.

Here I publish code I wrote:

shutdownd, a simple dead man's switch
shutdownc, a client for shutdownd

userneu, a Perl script to automate creating user accounts on FreeBSD and Linux
usermatic, a collection of small scripts to automate maintenance of user accounts by checking the passwd database against a list of current student/employees/whatever
usermatic-frontend, a simple commandline frontend to usermatic
sv-listparser, a Perl script that's probably only useful to Bavarian Schools. It converts lists exported from Bayrisches Schulverwaltungsprogramm to lists suitable for use with userneu/usermatic.
some other small scripts to faciliate various administrative tasks.

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