Just outside the city of Greifswald on the Baltic Sea, lies the town of Lubmin. That town is the site of the larger of the two nuclear power plants the GDR built. It originally consisted of 4 Soviet WWER-440/230 reactor blocks with a power output of 440MWe each. In the 80s an expansion with 4 more WWER-440/213 reactors was planned, of which two, Block 5 and Block 6 were built.

Block 5 was loaded with fuel and briefly went critical but it never went online. Block 6 was built and about a year from being loaded with fuel when the Berlin Wall fell and the plant was shut down pending a refit to meet Western safety standards (which blocks 1 through 4 didn't meet). Eventually it was decided to decomission the whole plant. Since Block 6 was never loaded with fuel it holds no radiological hazards whatsoever and is now a museum with a free guided tour. I recently had the opportunity to take that tour. So without further ado here's pictures from inside a nuclear reactor:

District heating pipes, close-up Access gate Ventilation chimney Scrap Roof of the turbine hall
Roof of the turbine hall Harbour The future Coolant pumps The future
Nature preserve Control Room Control Panel Control room Control room
Control room Control room Control room Control room Control room (modern section)
Containment building entrance (outer door) Containment building airlock Containment building entrance (inner door) Door inside containment building Geberraum
Neutron flux monitoring Radiation Detector Hallway leading up to the reactor room Coolant pump The reactor vessel
Inside the reactor vessel Pump well Emergency condenser Coolant pipe Telemetry taps
Coolant pipe, closeup Heat exchanger? Coolant mixing pump Fuel rod

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