Dies ist meine alte und kaum mehr gepflegte private Homepage. Wer meine geschäftliche Seite sucht findet sie hier: https://www.computer-grassler.de
This is my old and rather unmaintained private home page. You will find my business' page at https://www.computer-grassler.de

You have left the cuddly confines of Web 2.0 now. Lean back, take a deep breath and enjoy the spartan elegance of plain HTML and a small memory footprint. Marvel at an almost (admittedly ASCII does even better) unparalled signal to noise ratio.





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Hitchhiking tips


Bats in my apartment More bats

The first knife I forged


Loft bed Second edition

Touring a nuclear reactor

My workbench

Of course no home page is complete without a desktop shot (by 90s standards, anyway), so here we go: My desk top

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